Yihai Flushing project is the real estate project to be invested and developed by Yihai Group in New York with great potentials and prospects. All enterprises with strong economic strength are welcome to cooperate with us in this development and investment project.


Email: yhmsc@yihaiproperty.com


Yihai Flushing project is a mixed use building covering 42,541 sq. ft of land with a largest planned construction area of 204,199 sq. ft. This property is near to Roosevelt Avenue and Main Street, the busiest commercial street in Flushing, Queens, New York City. To the north of it is the Northern Blvd, which is the traffic artery of Queens. It is also close to Flushing River and Citi Field, a large sports stadium in New York. Thus the area has the absolutely superior geographical location. With the transformation and reconstruction of the old city of Flushing, the area where Yihai Flushing Project is located will become an attractive livable and environment-friendly place there. Yihai Flushing project has a great potential for its peculiar central location advantages and the niche market in Flushing. 



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