Yuanhao Capital Management Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Yuanhao Capital Management Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is strongly supported by the powerful platform of Yihai Group and devoted to invest on the fast growth enterprises. Enterprises and projects delicately opted for by Yuanhao Capital is potentially provided with the excellent investment value and the broader development prospect, particularly engaged in its investment on enterprises and projects with higher profitability, market leadership and exclusive operation qualifications, etc., based on its full understanding of the Sino-US economic development models and through various methods, such as, the equity investment and Bridge Financing or guarantee, etc.  



Kaifu Global Wealth Management Company is a subsidiary of Yihai Group, responsible for asset and capital management within Yihai Group. Kaifu Global features experienced staff with entrepreneurship, discipline and global vision. The company shares networks with numerous giants in business, entrepreneurs, private equity investors and government officials. They have expertise and extensive experience in real estate, education, Internet industry, clean energy and retail industry. 


Shaping Asia (Beijing) Health Technology Co., Ltd.

Shaping Asia (Beijing) Health Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary directly affiliated to Yihai Group, founded in 2007, is the first professional training institution integrating the Shaping evaluation, image design, body-building training, Body sculpture, health diet, Nutrition prescription and Temperament etiquette, etc. It is also the only cooperation and promotion agency jointly sponsored by International Shaping Association in China and Asia with its business mainly involving such industries as education, shaping or body-building, beauty care, health preserving, media, garments, luxury products and food, etc. Shaping Asia takes “creating the first professional brand for women fitness and shaping” as its mission to provide the one-station 360°“externally shaping and internally beauty cultivation” service to successful ladies. 


Beijing Yihai Green Garden Trading Co., Ltd.

Beijing Yihai Green Garden Trading Co., Ltd. is a large green and biological supermarket established by Yihai Group with a view of better improving the commercial service facilities for Yihai Community to cater to the actual demands of the customers in Yihai Garden. Beijing Yihai Green Garden Supermarket is an integral part of Phase 6 Commercial Street of Yihai Garden. 

Andies’ Children Shopping Plaza

Andies’ Children Shopping Plaza, founded in 1997, is affiliated to Yihai Group as a comprehensive children theme shopping mall integrating shopping, entertainment and education. Currently, the building is divided into two parts, respectively “Andies’ Children Shopping Mall” and “Andies’ Baby Product Chain Supermarket” to have formed the chain development and regional chain operation based on the brand-new business model and by relying on the children education and devote itself to creating the brand enterprise with the strong impact in China’s children service industry. 


Beijing Kinkai Andies Trading Co., Ltd.

Beijing KinkaiAndies Trading Co., Ltd, anYihai Group - affiliated company manages a shopping plaza that integrates shopping, entertainment, catering service and education. It is specialized in maternity clothing, pre-k children service and infant products. In particular, Andies’s educational training model has strongly promoted the chain development and regional chain operation so as to devotedly develop itself to a brand enterprise with the superior impact in the Chinese children service industry.  

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