Yihai Group signed “Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement” with Baoding municipal government

On Dec 21st, Yihai Group signed “Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement” with Baoding municipal government, reached an agreement of co-operation in terms of Community Education, International Education, Property Management and Supporting poor areas through Education.

For further implementation of the Beijing,Tianjin and Hebei Province coordinated development strategy, promoting interactive development of Beijin,Tianjin and Baoding, importation more quality education resources and innovating development model of Baoding education, Yihai Group signed the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with Baoding municipal government through deep communication and amicable negotiation. The agreement is on the basis of equality, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.

On the same day of signing ceremony, Liying Yan, the vice mayor of Baoding accompanied Linda Wong, the Chairwoman of the board of Yihai Group and principals of Yihai Group schools on a visit to Heibei Baoding foreign language school. This foreign language school is at national level with a hundred years of history. They visited and evaluated the school facilities and school environment etc. and gave high opinion.

Accompanied by Ms. Yan, Yihai Group delegation visited Baoding Zhili Zongdushu to understand the history and culture of Baoding through visiting and live commentary.

The co-operation between Yihai Group and Baoding municipal government is concentrated on education this time. Chi Zhang, Deputy Secretary General of Baoding municipal government and County magistrate of Laishui County accompanied Ms. Linda Wong to visit the site for intended football school project in Jinglai Town of Laishui County.

Earlier this month, Yufeng Ma, Mayor of Baoding and Liying Yan visited the Yihai Group. The running condition of Yihai community and education community mode was approved by them. This time, Baoding municipal government invited Yihai Group to visit Baoding to introduce the “one core two wings, three in one” mode of Yihai to Baoding and to realize win-win cooperation.

Yihai regards the culture and education sector as the focus of their services, and proposed and established Yihai education community mode. Yihai education is a successful model of enterprise-school joint program. Yihai Group believes that education is the most glorious cause under the sun. Investing in education and running school is the happiest thing in life. To make the Yihai community become the most livable community in cultural atmosphere, Yihai should invest in education.

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