the Seventh China Private Education Conference

Linda Wong, the Chairwoman of the board of Yihai Group was invited to attend the Seventh China Private Education Conference on Nov 29th 2015. She met more than 800 private school representatives from all over the country in Beijing, listened to the work report of education and talked the experience of adapting to new situation in today's society, promoting reform and innovation and improving the quality of education. Yihai Education Group and principals of its primary schools and middle schools attended related activities.

The theme of this conference is “adapting to new situation, promoting reform and innovation, improving the quality of education”. Currently, there are 155.2 thousands private schools in China. Juanqi Yan, the Vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress expressed the expectations of private schools at the conference:” Private school should improve the quality, should have its own characteristics, should pay great attention to develop the connotative and should educate students with morality and guide students to do up their first button in their life.”

Zuoshu Wang, the President of China private education Association emphasized in his report, currently, education reform has entered the deep water area and fortified zone. During the current and future periods, Chinese Association of private education will adhere to walk in “public, special, new” development path, and adhere to run school in public welfare direction, innovating models of talents cultivating, striving for excellence, and creating the first class. Chinese Association of private education will promote the new direction of China's private education reform and development and raise various social forces to establish high level private education.

At the conference, Linda Wong carefully listened to the talking and report from Juanqi Yan and Zuoshu Wang, She met with the National education advisory commissioner, the honorary president of the China Association of private education Xiping Tao, the vice chairman of the Legal Committee of the Twelfth National People's Congress Lianning Li and talked about the new education mode of Yihai. At the meanwhile, Linda Wong expressed that Yihai, as the representative of private education, should follow the requirement of current economic and social development, strengthen own development and provide more quality educational services to help more kids to realize their dream of education.   

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