the Mayor of Baoding came to Yihai Group

On Dec 4th 2015, Yufeng Ma, the Mayor of Baoding came to Yihai Group with the vice Mayor of Baoding, the Director of Baoding Education Burea and Yanqing Wang, the Mayor of Zhuozhou. They visited and investigated the Yihai Garden project. Linda Wong, the Chairwoman of the board of Yihai Group showed warm welcome to them and together with principals of relevant branches of Yihai Group and Principals of schools provided them warm reception.

Accompanied by Linda Wong, the delegation visited several projects in Yihai Garden, such as University for Aged, Yihai Primary School, Yihai Dafeng property heating company, Yihai Middle School and Yihai International School. They witnessed the perfect facilities of Yihai School, enjoyed the pleasant learning atmosphere of Yihai education, and advanced teaching idea and harmonious community atmosphere through vivid introduction. Two city leaders gave highly evaluation and recognition to the mode of Yihai community.

After the visit, the delegation, Linda Wang and the directors of the relevant departments held a forum. Linda Wang introduced the guiding principles of Yihai Education and the outcomes in training talents and promoting harmonious development of the community.

Yufeng Ma introduced that Baoding is a key city in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. The relevant documents from central government specified Baoding to undertake some capital’s administrative function. Baoding has most colleges and universities among prefecture-level cities, 14 colleges and universities, and is called as” The city of Education”, so Baoding has great strategic development opportunities. At the meantime, Mayor Ma expressed that “Baoding had great population and formulate and implement three three-year education plans, but the financial resources is limited if all education rely on government. Baoding leaked of quality education resources, especially advanced international education. Though this visit, witnessing the success of the mode of Yihai Education Community, Mayor Ma invited Chairwoman Wang and Yihai’s delegation to visit Baoding to introduce Yihai Education Mode to Boding community.

Chairwoman Wong said that education is a noble cause and she was willing to visit Baoding and invest in building primary school, middle school, education community in Baoding, making a contribution to Baoding’s education and harmonious development of the community.

In order to provide owners’ children with quality education and let them experience new life mode, Yihai regards the culture and education sector as the focus of its services, and proposed and established the Yihai education community mode, combined with developments of large-scale residential district. Yihai tries to promote the construction and development of the city through education community mode. Yihai provides habitant with high quality whole course education system. Habitant could enjoy high quality, full system education without leaving the community. Thus, Yihai Education Community emerges as the times require. Yihai Education Community would grow stronger through Continuous development and cooperation.

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