Love goes everywhere, and charity warms our heart

Where charity exists, love exists. On December 11th, 2015, “Yihai Love- Charity” activities were warmly supported by all the society. More than 3,000 students, their parents, Yihai tenants and Yihai staff came to Yihai middle School to attend sale, auction and performance for charity. Although the winter is cold, love can warm people’s heart. Meanwhile, the president of American-Sino relationship committee also came to attend this activity.

Nowadays, the economy of our country develops well. But due to the difference and limit of geographic, resource and other factors, some people live in poverty and hardship, and wait for care and help for all over the country. Yihai Group holds these activities to make people more focus on  poverty, and do something special to our society.

The auction was held on basketball ground, and paintings and calligraphy work donated by every department were on sale. “1000!””2000!”… The auction price increased quickly. Everyone is willing to name a higher price to dedicate own attribution.

The atmosphere is heated. Around the playground are handcrafts, books, toys, and so on. People looked around and bought what they like. A parent said:” We should attend this kind of charity activity more often, and my child can learn a lot from it.”

At the stage, students singed, danced and performed, without beautiful costumes, or beautiful stages. The audience also donated.

From 2011, Yihai holds charitable activities every December. The activities are more and more diverse, and the people attending increase every year. From Yihai kindergarten, primary school, middle school to grandparents’ university, everyone is willing to keep the tradition for charity. All revenues are used for the projects--- to care for the old, and to care for the students in the poor mountain. Until now, the revenue helps 600 students (1400 student*times). And “Red candle” training project are held for 3 times and training 45 teachers.

Yihai group has been founded for 26 years, and keeps to focus to charity. Yihai education has developed for 18 years, and thanksgiving education has already been a part of fundamental course for Yihai Unity. We hope through these activities, on the one hand, we can lead more and more people to care for charity; on the other hand, we can develop students’ social responsibility.

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