Beijing Yihai Annual Charity foundation meeting was held in Beijing

Beijing Yihai Annual Charity foundation meeting was held in Beijing on Dec 11st. Jining He, the vice president and secretary general of China Overseas Chinese Charity Foundation; Qi Liu, the vice mayor of Harbin; Hedong Guan, the deputy director of the Harbin Investment Promotion Bureau; Enping Zhang, A director of the Harbin Investment Promotion Bureau; Linda Wong, Chairwoman of Yihai Group and President of Yihai Charity Foundation; directors of Yihai Group departments and representatives of cooperating organizations and  concerned caring people attended this event.

Ms. Linda Wong showed the gratitude to the attention and support from the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council. “Yihai will continue to play the role of the organizers of the charity foundation and build the platform for caring people and corporation who want to do charity activities”, Linda Wong said.

Mr. Jining He made a speech. He expressed the recognition of the contribution that Yihai Group had made those eight years, Such as Volunteering in Beichuan Middle School, Funding student in Shuren Classes, training teachers. And he paid high tribute to Yihai’s dedication and enthusiasm. At the meanwhile, President He wish overseas Chinese and Yihai could have better cooperation in the future, going board and showing Chinese humanistic spirit to the world.

Xiaohong Zhao from Buchang Group was on behalf of the donation units and made a speech. She expressed the agreement of Ms. Linda Wang’s awareness of public welfare and what she has done for charities. Xiaohong Zhao also expressed that she was willing to carry forward the spirit of enterprise public welfare culture with Yihai Foundation together to encourage more people to join in charity.

Up to now, Beijing Yihai Foundation has participated in the donation of twelve “Shuren Class” in Gansu Jingtai No.1 Middle School, Jiangsu Yancheng Mingda Middle School, Sichuan Xichang No.1 Middle School, Hubei Shashi Middle School and so on. On the spot, Wenhua Zhao, the principal of Hubei Shashi Middle School made a speech. He expressed his sincere thanks to Beijing Yihai Charity Foundation, and he reported the condition and the achievement of Hubei Shashi Shuren Class.

Zhiyi Liu, the director-general of Beijing Yihai Charity Foundation made a report for the 2015 Commemorative Activity of volunteering in Beichuan Middle School, Red Candle Teacher Training program, “Yihai Shuren Class” public welfare project, Chinese- American exchange of high school students program, Financial income and expenses report and Donation expenditure detail.

In recent years, Yihai Charity Foundation has got support and drawn attention from people from all walks of life. Jiwei He, Qi Liu and Linda Wong issued certificates for seven commended units and individuals on the spot and hoped their benevolence to set example for more people. The units and individuals who won the “2015 Yihai Charity Star” are: Fuge Zhang, Chairman of Guangzhou Fuweida Development Co., Ltd.; Tao Zhao, Director of Buchang Group; Xiaohong Zhao, Director of Buchang Group; Artist Honghong Yang; Beijing Yihai Lvyuan Trading Co., Ltd.; Beijing Jiuxian Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Two years of construction and six years of teaching, there was a touching scene appearing in the meeting. Chuan Gao, a student from Peking University who graduated from Beichuan Middle School made a speech. He expressed his sincere thanks to Linda Wang’s help and encouragement to each students in Beichuan Middle School. Yihai would like to cooperate with more caring units and individuals to drive more loving power into public welfare activities. In the future, Beijing Yihai Charity Foundation will make more effort to build “Millions people doing charity “platform for caring people, bring caring and happiness for more people who needed.

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