Tasting Chinese and Western essence and feel the culture charm------Yihai Group holds Chinese and Western culture exchange performance successfully

In order to deepen the friendship of Chinese and Eastern European people, the international ambassadors  from Serbia, Czech and Poland and the CEO of Supersnow company come to China in advance before “16+1 Cooperation” Summit to exchange culture in Yihai Group. To welcome these guests, Yihai Group holds a Sino-European culture party on Nov. 13th, 2015 at Beijing No. 8 high school Yihai Branch. Linda Wong, chairperson of Yihai group, with department leaders and staff comes together.

After a starting dance” Ermayisa” from Yihai primary school, the performance starts. Xuhong Jiang, host of this performance, welcomes and introduces our guests. At this performance, Jasna Gospic, a famous female singer from Serbia sings six traditional Serbian songs for us passionately with her beautiful artistic voice to build a cultural bridge for Chinese and Eastern Europe. Meanwhile, Yihai Group also prepare a lot of performances such as Beijing opera to show Chinese traditional culture, several songs--“One Wine” to show Chinese minority culture,  Russian song “night of Moscow’s countryside”,  “Old Lang Syne” for friendship, modern dance” Chao Wo Kan””lisce sa balcana”. Jasna Gospi also performs freely with our performers, mixed with both Chinese and Western culture, showing what is culture diversity. Audiences are excited and applaud without stopping. Yihai group also give Chinese traditional headwear with flower, Chinese calligraphy work and outwear with image of Beijing Opera to show our respect and propagate our culture. Jasna Gospic and other guests put on the outwear right of the bat to show their appeal to Chinese culture.

In the end of the performance, with a harmonious atmosphere, Linda Wong, chairperson of Yihai Group, makes a concluding speech to sincerely welcome all the international guests to Yihai. She also shows her impression and appreciation for Jasna Gospic’s beautiful voice and song and regards Jasna Gospic as a bridge between China and Eastern Europe so that award the certificate for “ Yihai Sino-Europe culture exchange representative” and “Yihai art consultant” to Jasna Gospic.

This activity also has a significant influence on the friendship between China and Serbia. Since “one belt one road” was stated, Yihai always focus on this strategy. On Feb. 12th 2014, Linda Wong was invited by Serbian Ministry Justice and National Management and Ministry of Agriculture, Forest and Water resource to visit Serbia for seven days. On Dec. 1st, 2014, Linda Wong was awarded for honorary president of Serbian Sino business union and “Cultural ambassador of Serbia and China”. By Nov. 2015, Linda Wong has visited Serbia for Seven times and become a milestone for the friendship, economy, and culture between China and Serbia.

“One belt one road” is an inter-respected and inter-trusted road, an operative and win-win road, and a culture appreciating road. Fastening the construction of “one belt one road”, appreciating mutual culture and developing world peace are an issue to benefit all over the world. As a Chinese excellent company, Yihai Group is on the way to world mutuality, global economy, culture diversity, and information transparency. It is believed that with area cooperation sprint, persisting “one belt one road” strategy, Yihai can make a new success in the future.

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