Ms. Wang Linda, President of Yihai Group and Yihai Education Group came all the way to Beichuan Middle School to extend her regards to volunteer teachers

At the beginning of the New Year, Ms. Wang Linda, president of Yihai Education Group still thought about the volunteer teachers in Beichuan. On January 5, she took a team composed of 4 persons, particularly including Wang Jingjun, the secretary of Yihai Public Welfare Foundation, etc., went all the way to Beichuan Middle School to extend her regards.

Wang Linda and her colleagues were given the warm welcome from leaders and teacher of Beichuan Middle School. She was so excited in seeing the great changes on campus. “Yihai Tree” planted by her few years ago now grow strong and tall, so she immediately took a group photo with Headmaster Liu Yachun in front of the tree。

Wang Linda was eager to see the volunteer teachers from Beijing whom she sent off last August 22 when Wang Linda waved her hand to them and “promised” to see them in Beichuan. It didn’t take long before she could see these lovely teachers, so she was overjoyed. These volunteer teachers were the six batch sent over by Yihai when she continued the aided construction of Beichuan Middle School which was later put into use.

Wang Linda first came to see teachers and students in Senor high school Class 7.8 taught by volunteer teachers. A string of greetings “Mama Wang” broke the quiet of the campus. The students gathered around her for warm exchanges, reporting their study performances and understandings to her as they learned how to show their gratitude. Wang Linda encouraged the students to work hard at their lessons for better scores to get accepted into their ideal universities. She required the students to keep in mind the great trust from the motherland and the people in their hometown. After completing the academic program, they will come back to their hometown to make contribution to the construction of New Beichuan. 

At the seminar, Liu Yachun, headmaster of Beichuan Middle School, gave the welcome speech. Headmaster Liu first thanked Wang Linda for her long-time support to the construction of Beichuan Middle School so that the high-grade dormitory buildings were built. The aided teaching for 6 years has created the brand of Beichuan Middle School. These achievements and the diligence of volunteer teachers could not go without the high-quality teaching; Great thanks were given to the teachers for their contribution and hard labor. Some teachers had their body covered with eczema as they were unaccustomed to the local climate, but they pulled through by “setting their teeth” to slowly adapt to the environment and get immersed into the local life. The growth of Beichuan teachers and progress of students and the development of the school should be contributed to Wang Linda for her unremitting efforts and contribution, to all volunteer teachers for their adherence and hard work. Beichuan Middle School will forget about the previous misery and will stand erect to reciprocate Wang Linda for her kindness with the fighting spirit.

It is thanks to the efforts made by these volunteer teachers that has improved the teaching quality of Beichuan Middle School which has developed from an ordinary middle school into provincial demonstration school and has helped Beichuan Middle School achieving “Beida Dream“ by having graduates from Beichuan Middle School admitted into Peking University. During 6 years of the aided teaching in Beichuan Middle School, there were 43 students luckily accepted into universities in Beijing, including such famous brand universities as Peking University, Renmin University of China, Fudan University, etc., all of which are inseparable from the efforts and contributions made by these volunteers.

Ma Zhiyuan and Guan Biliu, two representatives of the volunteer teachers, expressed their heart-felt gratitude to Wang Linda for having given them the firm beliefs and offering them a chance to toughen them, which has enriched their professional career. They’ve learned a lot of teaching experience. They are very happy when they work and live in Beichuan. They also thank Beichuan Middle School for having given them the thoughtful kindness in daily life. They will cherish this good opportunity and will repay Wang Linda and Yihai with the highest work enthusiasm.

Wang Linda said, I hear the good comments to the volunteer teachers given by Headmaster Liu, and I am happy to see your progress in Beichuan Middle School. I can hear the Beichuan Spirit and see the Beichuan Spirit from your words and eyes. Beichuan Spirit is Yihai Spirit, and it is a love, a sense of responsibility, a return of kindness. When we do things in these spirits, nothing can daunt us with these spirits.

Wang Linda thanked Beichuan Middle School for having given the volunteer teachers concerns and cares and also thanked Headmaster Liu for having taken them along for fast growth and having taken out such an excellent team. Aided construction and aided teaching of Beichuan Middle School is strongly promoted as a charitable matter. Yihai will always back up Beichuan and support of Beichuan is the eternal responsibility of Yihai.

When the secretary of Beichuan County CPC Committee heard of the arrival of Wang Linda, he made a point of coming over to meet her, thanking her for her strong support of Beichuan, having built Beichuan Middle School and having taught the students to learn how to repay the kindness. 

Mr. Xu Changfa, deputy executive chief of Beichuan County, Zhou Fuan, a member of the standing committee of Beichuan County CPC Committee and minister of Propaganda Department, Zhang Dingwen, secretary of CPC Party Committee of Beichuan Middle School, vice headmaster Song Bo, Director Wu Min, and other leaders attended the seminar and made their respective speeches. After the seminar they stood in front of “Culture Stone for Regenerating the Area after much distress” for a group photo. 

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