Carry forward Yihai Culture to attract the cohesion with love – Wang Linda made the passionate speech to new teachers at Yihai Education College

On the afternoon of January 9, Wang Linda, president of Yihai Education Group, was kindly invited by Shi Dezhi, principal of Yihai Education College, made a passionate speech to new teachers in Yihai Culture Training, attended by headmasters of all schools and new teachers and presided over by Principal Shi.

This training was a great feast for employees to understand Yihai Culture and Spirit for the purpose of facilitating the employees to understand Yihai Culture and Yihai Spirit for the integration into Yihai so that every employee can give full scope to their potentials at their posts and their intelligence and wisdom at the platform built by Yihai.

Wang Linda continued, “I’d like to thank all of you for your love of Yihai Culture which the old employees review and the new employee learn from. Yihai has done a perfect job in education and in running schools, all of which shall be attributable to the excellent spirit and culture of Yihai. Culture and spirit are nurtured by every one of us in the long run with concerted efforts. At the entry of each new employee, he or she must understand the culture of this enterprise, the spirit and its development history. Yihai has developed for 26 years. Now that you are employed by Yihai, you’d better understand the essences of our culture. As long as you understand Yihai, you will know why Yihai becomes better and better and more and more powerful. We shall recognize our culture and spirit. Only when you fully understand Yihai Culture and spirit can you get fully integrated into this collective and seek your individual development together with others, so you can feel happy and have more energy at work.

Wang Linda said, “We are to serve the students, their parents and our employees wholly-heartedly, so actually we are serving the people wholly-heartedly. Why did we run school? We just wanted to serve the property owners in the community. With the clear purpose and target, we have the driving force to achieve the goal.

 “When I first came to Yihai, there were three large jumping pits with the undeveloped land. Five shareholders came over with me, but only I remained as I represented the enterprise to sign the contracts in Hong Kong and Beijing. This is a commitment and a responsibility. Once you promised something to others, you must make it. Once I was in a dilemma as to whether to stay or go. Now, I’d like to thank the very person who encouraged me to stay on, asking me to make a longer plan with more confidence. Commitment is the credit. Commitment is a self-confidence and is the standard to gauge a person. I stayed on not because I cared about my own individual interests, nor did I feel sorry for failing to sign the contract with the government but on the contrary I stayed on because I cared about the future of Yihai Group and the interests of everyone. At that time, I found there were few communities with the complete functional facilities, or almost none, so I wanted to build a large community. Why did I choose Beijing? Because Beijing was the capital of China as the political and cultural center. At that time, Beijing started its economic development, so I signed the contract under such a political background and became the first developer as well as the first to eat crab. There was another reason why I chose Beijing as it was closer to the CPC central Committee. The Chinese government pays attention to the political position. My thinking was always reverse. When all of you abandoned it, I must needs do it. When you all were gone, I thought it was the chance as I trusted the government. The government cannot deceive a boss. If you don’t trust your government, who else do you trust? So I was determined to stay in Beijing and now you can see that I am successful. So when you persist in doing something, you have to stick it out without abandoning it halfway. Only when you hold on straight to the end can you have the satisfactory results.

Wang Linda shared her experience stories and feelings with employees, requiring them to devote themselves to their posts with strong beliefs and full confidence as a rolling stone can gather no moss. A successful career must be witnessed by the hardships which can temper your abilities and prompt you to forge ahead toward success one after another.

At last, Wang Linda told the employees many different stories, say, the volunteer sales of oranges, aided construction of Beichuan Middle School and aided teaching in Beichuan Middle School, all of which taught the employees to have self-confidence. As long as you have love in your heart, your career will be a success and your work will be full of happiness. Wang Linda concluded her speech with Yihai principle of “Love, passion, Industriousness, Innovation and Adherence”, encouraging all employees to have the centripetal force and pull together so that Yihai Education can go global and gin the faster development.


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