“Yihai Group Beijing District 2nd Culinary Arts Competition” was successfully held

On January 16, on the sideline of “2014 Work Summary Meeting”, “Yihai Group Beijing District 2nd Culinary Arts Competition” was jointly sponsored by Yihai Group, Beijing Yihai Dafeng Property Management Co., Ltd. and all schools in Beijing and held in Student Canteen of Yihai Middle School.

Five canteens from Yihai Middle School, primary schools, and International Department School, Kindergarten and property management companies were involved in the competition. The ranking list was identified according to the site comprehensive evaluation voting based on the color, flavor, smell and shape of the prepared food. The competition had three parts, respectively the display of the self-prepared dishes by each team, the showdown of assigned dishes and the display of dishes prepared by amateur contestants. All chefs distinguished their talents and unique skills and everything was bustling in the kitchens and the audience was in high spirits as they could not only taste the delicacies but also appreciate the innovative design of the samples.

The contestants selected the most common ingredients but demonstrated their distinctive cooking styles, which drew much admiration from the audience and also highlighted the “Creativity” called on by the group. Most of the amateur contestants came from companies other than in Beijing. The dishes delicately prepared by them were imbued with the local features and the local flavors, which brought the competition up to the climax, so more people could understand the profundity and long history of the Chinese catering culture.

When Wang Linda, the president of Yihai Group, made a speech, she said, healthy and safe food is an integral part of Yihai Culture. We carry forward the philosophy of “Health & Culture”. Food culture is actually the culture of love, so we will further promote this culture to more students, to the communities and even to every person.

Through the Culinary Arts Competition, all units could compare notes and learn from each other in terms of the cooking skills for overcoming their own weaknesses by acquiring others' strong points. All canteens could strengthen the exchange, which could enrich the contents of the canteen culture and also provided the chefs with a stage to temper them for better display of their skills and also laid the excellent foundation for the next Culinary Arts Competition. 

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