Yihai Group 2014 Work Summary Meeting grandly held

On January 16, 2015, “Yihai Group 2014 Work Summary Meeting” was grandly held at the report hall of Beijing Yihai Garden International Department School, Ms. Wang Linda, president of Yihai Group and Yihai Education Group and responsible persons of all units affiliated to Yihai Group attended the meeting. Ms. Chen Guang, vice general manager of Yihai Group, presided over the meeting.

First of all, Wang Linda made a vital speech. Wang Linda made the detailed analysis of the current international situations, domestic situations and real estate industrial development trend and interpreted that it was correct to identify the education as the corporate core competiveness, so she called on all employees to respond to the corporate culture, understand the corporate spirit with firm confidence and persistence to create the brighter future for Yihai.

Afterwards, the representatives from Hunan Changsha Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Shandong Linyi Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Changsha Property Management Co., Ltd., Shanghai Property Management Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Property Management Co., Ltd., Jiuxian Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. gave their respective work reports. This year’s work reports were quite different from the previous running account reports but on the contrary, this year, all reports highlighted the creativity with actual data and key points, particularly the awareness of the corporate culture. In particular, Jiuxian Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., won the repeated applauses for the unique innovative thinking mode, which gave us an eye-opener.

The participants cherished the empty-cup mentality, listened attentively to the reports, made the detailed notes and expressed that they would bring back and sort out the meeting essentials from the reports for careful study and summary and would put forward any inquiries from the notes at the next day’s meeting.

In the afternoon, Beijing Yihai Dafeng Property Management Co., Ltd., Property Management Group, Shaping Asia (Beijing) Health Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Yihai Green Garden Supermarket, Education Group continued their work report. Propaganda Department of the Group would continue to report the meeting dynamic trend, so everyone is required to pay more attention.

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