Shanghai Branch of Yihai Property Management Group convened “2014 Year-end Work Summary & Commendation Meeting”

We are fully confident in bidding farewell to the old and ushering in the new spring with redoubled efforts.

On the night of January 22, 2015, “Shanghai Branch 2014 Year-end Work Summary & Commendation Meeting" was grandly convened in Golden Bay Hotel. The meeting was presided over by Cai Jinyang, the office director.

First of all, Mr. Wang Ruoming, general manager of Yihai Property Management Group, reviewed and summarized the major work in 2014. General Manager Wang pointed out, all employees of Shanghai Branch worked carefully in effectively carrying out the work goals, plan and all regulations and systems set by the group for 2014. Under the direct leadership of Manager Zhang Weiying, everyone worked with concerted efforts and try hard to perform their post duties with diligence and against difficulties to forge ahead with great incentives, thus having fulfilled all evaluation goals of the company. So here, I hopes every employee of Shanghai Company can continue their efforts, strengthen their serve awareness, carry forward the innovation spirit in 2015 to win the good comments and recognition from users for the excellent management and service and will obtain better performances by fulfilling all evaluation indicators at the end of the year.

In the next step, General Manager Wang presented honorary certificates to Zhou Qun, “advanced individual” in 2014 statistics work in Pudong New District, Li Rongzhao, “excellent employee” of Yihai Group, and He Jinbing, “Encouragement Award” as the loyal employee; In 2014, he also announced the honorary titles to such employees industrious at work, striving for better performances as Luo Yi, Yuan Zongling, Zhu Linyong, Lan Jiexi, Gu Liangliang, etc. General Manager Wang also give the affirmative recognition of 7 employees for the draft contribution quality and quantity from 31 uploaded information manuscripts in terms of 2014 brand promotion and publicity work, particularly the employee contributors including Fan Liwei, etc. He and Manager Zhang jointly presented “Excellent Employee” honorary certificates to them and also distributed the bonus to the amateur writers for their contributions for the brand promotion and publicity.

The lucky draw pushed the entire evening activity up to the climax. Each employee kept big smiles on their face, filled with joys and happiness, and enjoyed the happiness brought by the work. Employees were grateful to the company for providing such a platform, saying that they must continue to make greater efforts at their own post and make greater contribution to the bright tomorrow of Yihai.

This annual meeting was a success, which enhanced the corporate image and also increased the employees’ sense of belonging and sense of pride. Recognition and encouragement of the advanced showed the care and incentive of the company to its employees and also promoted the feeling exchange among employees in all departments, thus laying the solid foundation for increasing the corporate cohesion, so the employees have full confidence in the future development prospect of the company and believe that Yihai’s tomorrow will be much better. (Reported by Dong Xiumei from Shanghai Branch) 

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