Yihai Education Group convened full teaching staff meeting to discuss “Yihai Education Strategic Plan”

At 4:00 pm. January 23, 2015, the full teaching staff meeting was convened at the multi-function room of Yihai Middle School affiliated to Yihai Education Group to share and discuss Yihai Education Strategic Plan. Ms. Wang Leyin, vice president and concurrently general manager of Yihai Education Group, presided over the meeting.

General Manager Wang talked about President Wang’s initial emphasis on education as the breakthrough point and put forward the required for reform and innovation and change the concept and seize the opportunity and face the difficulties for immediate solutions by combining the national policy adjustment, the public school reform, and the new policy for the private education with a view to the current situation of Yihai Education.  

General Manager Wang pointed out the orientation for Yihai education to cultivate the leaders for the future in China, so it requires the elite education, high-quality education and international education. General Manager Wang gave the detailed explanation of elite education, which requires the extensive knowledge with the broader vision beyond the ordinary people. We shall stimulate the students’ enthusiasm for study of their own accord, to pay attention to the society and actively participate in the interpersonal interaction and be lively and easy-going with a lot of hobbies and specialties. The students should have the active thinking and the skepticism with vigor and vitality and energetic spirit and the strong ability to have insight into human nature. They can easily control and improve their own psychology and behavior and are willing to put the knowledge into practice. Students can not only accumulate but apply and allocate the resources so that the student can be the contributors serving the society with the remarkable capacities; they must be the specific operators paying attention to the transfer of details and doing things at hand.  

General Manager Wang proposed the emphasis on the morality. She said, “man” in Chinese character is written in two strokes, the first one standing for “man” and the second stroke standing for “morality”, so if we want to be a true “man”, we depend on the support of “morality”. Behave ourselves prior to seeking academic progress. The students shall be educated into the talents with morality, universal love and wisdom.

General Manager Wang shared her understanding of “Yihai Global Development Strategy”, interpreting “Global Citizen” who shall have the broader international vision and mentality, have the international communication skills and abilities with the competitive strength and good health. We will build the overseas Chinese international school campus.

General Manager Wang also required that we should jump out of the stereotyped thinking mode, break through the grade restriction, the subject restriction and the regional restriction. General Manager Wang talked about the reform of Beijing Yihai Campus to pay more attention to the education quality by increasing the individual courses so that student can apply for IB courses, etc. Yihai shall build the peculiar traditional culture and make the detailed rules. The school time shall be collectively fixed: the opening ceremony will become the traditional culture of Yihai; the unified sports meet: each class will display their own board at the admission ceremony and arrange for the excellent matches in the same venue. Parents will be invited for the match; the art festival will be fixed: the excellent programs will be shown at the same place and parents will be invited for presence. Yihai School Art Troupe, Yihai School orchestra, Yihai School Basketball Team, Yihai School Football Team and Yihai School Swimming Team will be set up with unified and well-designed team uniforms and mascots, etc. Students with special art and sports skills will be entitled to the special polities for admission.  

General Manager Wang also said, it is necessary to promote the education reform in the times of big data build the interconnection and infrastructure network facilities for real-time communication with parents. We can offer the cell phone APP to form the digital campus. 

At last, General Manager Wang mapped out the future development in the coming 2-3 years, particularly giving the specific requirements to all schools, emphasizing that the training schools shall be combined with the characteristic courses and that teachers should have more opportunities for international trainings, etc. 

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