Ms. Wang Linda, board chairman and president of Yihai Group and Yihai Education Group, present at the opening ceremony for all schools

On the first school day in the New Year, Ms. Wang Linda, board chairman and president of Yihai Group and Yihai Education Group, strolled along against the spring breeze with big smiles and in high spirits, attending the opening ceremony for all schools in Beijing and delivered a vital speech.

At the opening ceremony, President Wang, first of all, tried to mobilize the students and teachers for better performances and gave her expectations and requirements to the students.

President Wang continued, spring is the season for sowing. Only when we sow the hopeful seed in spring can we harvest in the plentiful fruits in autumn. After the relaxation and adjustment during the winter vacation, the students can restore their physical power and their visions are broadened and their knowledge can be supplemented, so now they are in high spirits. In the new semester, we will redouble our efforts for better grades and performances against the warm spring wind.

President said, recently, General Secretary Xi emphasized “attention paid to family tradition and family education”, so each word and action of the parents can exercise the produce the subtle enlightenment effect on their children. As we know, “Example is better than precept.” In our daily life, we should give our seats to others in riding a bus, take good care of trees and flowers, forbid spiting everywhere not liter anywhere or take the cross road in crossing the street, all of which is the good family tradition and should be passed on from generation to generation. At school, senior students should pass them onto their juniors.    

President Wang said, education is the core competitiveness of Yihai. At the beginning of the new semester, we are faced with the new opportunities and channels. We enter into a new semester with the fresh mindset, new hopes and new goals to initiate another milestone in our knowledge pursuit.   

At last, President Wang expressed the sincerest greetings to all students on behalf of Yihai Group and Yihai Education Group! She extended the lofty respect to all teaching staff! Wish a happy new festival to everyone! 

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