New Normal, New Opportunity, Mission of Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs—President Wang Linda attending Boao Forum for Asia

2015 annual conference of Boao Forum for Asia was held in Hainan, China during March 26-29 under the theme “Asia's New Future: Towards a Community of Common Destiny.” Proposals were involved with six major fields, respectively Macro-economy, regional cooperation, industrial restructuring, technological innovation, political security and social livelihood. Ms. Wang Linda, a member of the standing committee of All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, deputy chairman of COCEA, Executive vice president of CHINA FEDERATION OF OVERSEAS CHINESE ENTREPRENEURS (CFOCE) and president of Yihai Group, was kindly invited for attending this forum, participating in the private entrepreneur roundtable and Chinese leaders and Chinese think-tank roundtable and other forum theme activities. President Wang Linda conducted the dialog exchange with the domestic and overseas business elites about the hot issues, such as, “one belt and one road” and Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank, etc., to air the voice at the forum on behalf of the overseas Chinese entrepreneurs.

President Wang Linda, as a overseas Chinese entrepreneur, educator, has the stronger sense of national mission and responsibility, strongly advocates the Chinese education to the overseas Chinese and also advocates that the Chinese entrepreneurs shall actively support the overseas Chinese to development the education undertaking, play the role as “a vital bridge and link” to boost and support the overseas Chinese to contribute to “Root-leaving Project” and “Hope Project”.

President Wang Linda continued, as a overseas Chinese entrepreneur, I am burdened with the trust and responsibility to carry forward the Chinese culture, help and support the positive promotion of the Chinese education to pay equal attention to the Chinese education and economic and trade cooperation, or even by giving priority to the former. As long as we can consolidate the social private economic foundation, the Sino-foreign cooperation and development can endow our economy with powerful vitality. As an overseas Chinese entrepreneur, I should give full scope to all advantages and actively coordinate with the overall national foreign affairs strategy to continue to expand the non-government communication and connection, participate in the public foreign affairs. China’s development cannot go without the world. Likewise, the world development cannot go without China. The Chinese people shall try harder to serve as the national propagators to voice our positions, increase the friendship between the Chinese people and other peoples in the world. The Chinese people are willing to act as a “road paver and bridge builder”.

President Wang Linda pointed out, the country laid out “One belt and one road” strategy to inject the new vitality to cooperative development of China and countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Prior to the implementation of China’s “one belt and one road” strategy, Yihai Group has been concerned about and conduct the on-site inspection of all countries in Central Europe to have found that these countries were eager to have new development engines to accelerate their local economic and social development. In 2014, Yihai Group conducted repeated field investigations to Serbia and followed Premier Li Keqiang for his second visit to Serbia in December 2014 to build the new platform for mutual benefit and win-win cooperation. Yihai Group thinks it very promising to cooperate with countries in Central and Eastern Europe as it is bound to offer all good opportunities. Currently, Yihai Group has liaised many domestic large and medium-size cities to establish the friendly cooperation with cities of the Republic of Serbia. Serbian Government conferred on President Wang Linda “Sino-Serbia Goodwill Ambassador”.

President Wang Linda made an appeal: it is sincerely hoped that all entrepreneurs can form the cohesion against the huge opportunity and jointly serve as the participants, builders and beneficiaries of “One belt and one road” strategy. The overseas Chinese entrepreneurs shall increase their engines in their familiar fields to keep abreast with the times for practical efforts for better performances and shoulder the historic mission and social responsibility to do whatever they can for the national economic and social development and the realization of the “Chinese Dream”.

President Wang responds to the national call to highlight the innocent heart and Patriotic heart of an overseas Chinese with her specific actions. 

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