Group Company and all schools celebrated Mother’s Day for President of the group “Mama Wang”

Gratitude or the return of kindness is an integral part of the corporate culture of Yihai Group. Wang Linda, president of Yihai Group used the actual actions of “fraternity” and “charity” to set a good example to Yihai people who learned how to show great gratitude to others.

On May 7, employees of the Group Company and teachers and students of schools celebrated Mother’s Day for “Mama Wang” by sending the fresh flows and greeting cards in a few minutes spared by her to wish a happy Mother’s Day, good health and permanent youth to “Mama Wang”.  

Wang Linda said, I am happy as I am the happiest “Mama” in the world. Thanks to you all for your kindness. The greeting cards made by you are really the best in the world, highly imbued with a strong feeling. You repay me with kindness, so I will try my utmost to consolidate Yihai Platform with full devotion for you all. As you know, we are all industrious and have to stick our different posts. Others say I am the happiest person, with which I do agree. Without you, how can I do so many things? A person can engage in a certain industry, but we create a society, a small society, which offers all conceivable things for our daily life. Yihai is a small society which showcases an extraordinary community in China. There are mainly people in the community who have their own ideas, so as long as people are grateful, they can learn how to get the greatest love in life in this big family just like the society, and this love does not merely come from me but from every one of us (it is mutual).

Wang Linda said, I like this greeting “Mana Wang”, which is the respectful form of address given me by others. Now that I am called “Mama Wang”, I will act like a “Mama”. What is “a Mama? “A Mana” shall be selfless to make the selfless contributions. I will make the selfless contribution to you all without any requirement for any return. But all returns of kindness from you should be: firstly repay yourselves; secondly repay the motherland; thirdly, look at the world from the world perspective. China is now implementing “one belt and one road” strategy, we have to follow its guidance for practice. Our country is faced with many difficulties. The more I travel around the world, the more I feel that China is fronted with more difficulties ahead, the Chines going global is “in the process”, so we are climbing up the mountains. Today China is different from what it was in the past for 35 years. After China’s opening-up and reform, our enterprise was operated for 26 years, but we are basically a pacesetter in all sectors. However, it is intolerable to be content with the previous performances, and we must seek innovation with great efforts to compete in the current society and even the world. It depends on the efforts made by all of us.  

At last, Wang Linda brought the talk to a close by saying “Yihai is yours, ours, but after all, it is yours”, which highlights the emotion of a great “Mama”.

Shaping Asia (Beijing) Health Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and Yihai Green Park Supermarket affiliated to Yihai Trading Group, and teachers and students of middle schools, primary schools, international department affiliated to Yihai Education Group conveyed the best wishes to Wang Linda.

Employees, teachers and students gave their unanimous promise to maintain this “Yihai” Platform, work hard, conduct themselves decently, effectively educate others and make greater contributions to the people and Yihai and jointly create “Chinese Dream” and “Yihai Dream”. 

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