Internship students from US NYU arrived at Yihai which gave a welcome ceremony to them

On June 2, 2015, Internship students from US NYU successively arrived at Yihai Garden for the practice exchange in Yihai Group, which gave them a welcome ceremony at which Ms. Wang Linda, president of Yihai Group, delivered a vital speech.

The practical exchange of the Internship students from US NYU was proposed by Mr. Xin Dihao, who studied in the US and organized a project, aiming at using the advantages and resources of Yihai Group to increase the cultural exchange of both countries and provide a platform for the US students to understand China and Yihai and also introduce China and Yihai to the US so that more and more US people can understand China, Yiha. Through the frequent exchange, Yihai can draw on the US advanced concepts and thinking ways to improve itself to a new height. 

The welcome ceremony was held at the meeting room of the group with Yihai promotion film and slideshow to help the US students having the initial understanding of Yihai Group and Yihai education. These US students were pertinently screened out by Mr. Xin Dihao and they were excellent in academic performances or had the business start-up experience or practical experience.

At the welcome ceremony, Wang Linda made a key-note speech: this project was prepared for nearly 3 months as the first cooperation with NYU, so Yihai Group set great store by this cooperation by distributing the US students into groups for study and practice of the Chinese market, including the survey of the Chinese future market respectively in Education Group, Property Management Group and Economic and Trade Company. She thanked Mr. Xin Dihao for his ingenious ideas, and this project turned out to be an excellent one.  

Wang Linda continued, it is nearly 30 years since China’s opening-up and reform, during which Yihai Group has been operated for 26 years, so in China ours is a long-operated company. Yihai Group started from real estate development. As from June 12, 1989, it invested in Beijing from Hong Kong. However, there was a so-called movement, which plunged Beijing real estate market into a low ebb. When others fled from the market, they left behind the golden opportunity. So Yihai Group seized the opportunity at the low ebb of the big environment to make its debut into Beijing Market. Yihai Group was the first enterprise to sponsor the government and the relevant experts to draft “Real Estate Mortgage Law”, so Yihai Group was the first enterprise to promote the Chinese real properties into marketization. Why could Yihai Group seize these opportunities? Firstly, we have full confidence in our government and our national politics and economy. We trust our country, particularly the most reliable security.

After the welcome ceremony, the group organized the US students to visit the group office area and Yihai Garden Community, Yihai Elderly College, Yihai Primary School, Yihai Middle School, Yihai International Deparment, Yihai Kindergarten, Yihai Property Management Company, Yihai Heat Supply Company and Yihai Natatorium, etc.

From the surprising eyes of the US students, we could see that you show great interest in Yihai and China, which initiated a favorable beginning and the future for the bilateral academic exchange, research and seminars.

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