Promote exchange and seek development – first presence of Overseas Chinese Entrepreneur Delegation at the activity of Milan World Expo-China National Pavilion Day

On the afternoon of June 8 Milan local time, the overseas Chinese entrepreneurs delegation headed by Ms. Wang Linda, a member of the standing committee of All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, deputy chairman of COCEA, Executive vice president of CHINA FEDERATION OF OVERSEAS CHINESE ENTREPRENEURS (CFOCE) and president of Yihai Group attended the activity of Milan World Expo-China National Pavilion Day. Wang Yang, Chinese vice-premier of State Council, and other VIP guests were also present at the activity.        

According to the introduction, this activity aimed at responding to the policy directives of Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council to ensure the “one belt and one road” strategy can be implemented in central Europe to promote the construction of the Sino-EU economic corridor so as to introduce the overseas Chinese to go global by using this opportunity of Millan Expo to bring the Sino-EU strategic partnership onto a new height. This visit lasted 7 days, jointly sponsored by Yihai Group and Guangxi Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce. The first leg was fixed in Italy to attend the activity of Milan World Expo-China National Pavilion Day and Sino-Italy Agricultural Food Economic and Trade Forum to conduct the inspection study and exchange in respect of agriculture, food processing, logistics distribution and international fairs, etc.

At the Expo, Ms. Wang Linda received the interview from the correspondent of “EUROPEAN TIMES”. She remarked, prior to the implementation of China’s “one belt and one road” strategy, Yihai Group has been concerned about and conduct the on-site inspection of all countries in Central Europe to have found that these countries were eager to have new development engines to accelerate their local economic and social development. Through many years’ work related to the overseas Chinese affairs, she deeply felt that more and more overseas Chinese entrepreneurs were involved with the public foreign affairs and overseas investment in different countries by using their international connections as China’s development cannot go without the world. Likewise, more and more enterprises shall go global to develop themselves into more powerful enterprises. So this time she led the overseas Chinese entrepreneurs to make this visit to open a new chapter for this Central Europe visit of the overseas Chinese entrepreneurs on the strength of the grand activity of Milan World Expo-China National Pavilion Day to form the combined cohesion in face of the huge opportunity with all entrepreneurs and jointly serve as the participants, builders and beneficiaries of “One belt and one road” strategy.   

At the second leg of the Central Europe visit, Wang Linda, as “Sino-Serbia Goodwill Ambassador”, led the delegation to Belgrade in Serbia, having the interview with Serbia Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, and also jointly sponsored Sino-Serbia Economic and Trade Forum. At the third leg, the delegation was kindly invited for attending Sino-Serbia Economic and Trade Forum & Uzice Seminar and also conducted the field inspection and interviews related to the agriculture, food processing, real estate and municipal infrastructure and oil projects, etc. in Uzice.

This Central Europe visit is the first international exchange of the overseas Chinese entrepreneurs after Premier Li Keqiang’s Serbia visit in 2014, which creates a favorable beginning to initiate the reciprocal exchange as Yihai Group earnestly implements “one belt and one road” strategy. This will further increase the scale and quality of the cooperation between the overseas Chinese entrepreneurs and Yihai Group and Europe, beneficial to the more comprehensive and balanced development of Sino-Europe relations.

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