Vice-prime ministers of Serbia met the overseas Chinese entrepreneurs

On the afternoon of June 10 Serbia local time, two vice prime ministers of Serbia, eight Cabinet ministers of Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Mineral Resources, and Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, and Mayor of Belgrade and the overseas Chinese entrepreneurs delegation headed by Ms. Wang Linda, a member of the standing committee of All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, deputy chairman of COCEA, president of Yihai Group shares a talk in Belgrade.

Vice-prime ministers of Serbia expressed their warm welcome and strong support to the construction of the Sino-Serbia Economic Corridor and would create the excellent conditions for the mutually beneficial economic and trade cooperation to immediately promote the project connection and implementation.

Wang Linda, the head of the delegation, gave a speech on behalf of the overseas Chinese entrepreneurs, expressing that this visit to Serbia was the first large international exchange of the overseas Chinese entrepreneurs in Serbia in response to the policy directives of Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council to ensure the “one belt and one road” strategy can be implemented in Serbia to bring the Sino-Serbia strategic partnership onto a new height. In the meanwhile, she specially emphasized, the overseas Chinese entrepreneurs can be burdened with the heavy duty as “spearheads” in implementing China’s “one belt and one road” strategy and serve as the messengers of the foreign economic and trade and culture exchange through more practical project implementation.

According to the news report, on the next day after the overseas Chinese entrepreneurs had the meeting with Serbia cabinet ministers, they would attend “First Sino-Serbia Economic and Trade Summit” jointly sponsored by Serbia Government, Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Preparatory Committee for Sino-Serbia Chamber of Commerce.

 The delegation expressed their gratitude to vice prime ministers and all cabinet ministers for sparing time to interview them out of their tight schedule. This visit can not only strongly promote the economic and trade cooperation in Central and Eastern Europe but also explores the new models and new ideas for the international cooperation and development of the overseas Chinese entrepreneurs. 

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