Sino-Serbia Economic and Trade Forum smoothly held in Belgrade

On June 10, 2015, the first Sino-Serbia Economic and Trade Summit was held in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. Vice-Premier Zorana Mihajlovi? and Rasim Ljaji? of the Republic of Serbia, Li Manchang, the Chinese ambassador in Serbia, Ms. Wang Linda, head of China Overseas Chinese Entrepreneur Delegation, deputy chairman of COCEA and president of Yihai Group, and other renowned overseas Chinese entrepreneurs attended the opening ceremony of the summit.

Vice-Premier Zorana Mihajlovi? of the Republic of Serbia gave the warm welcome to the China Overseas Chinese Entrepreneur Delegation and also expressed the heartfelt gratitude to Wang Linda and other overseas Chinese entrepreneurs for the great donation to the Flood disaster in Serbia. All Cabinet ministers gave the detailed introduction of the investment environment under their jurisdiction, particularly the current scope of privatization and industries in Serbia. Some of its farm produce and foodstuff have passed the inspection from the Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision under the Chinese government and the investment invitation lf some large water projects are positively promoted.

In the summit, the overseas Chinese entrepreneurs expressed their desire to build the better investment and financing channels based on the fund-building platform, information exchange platform and trading cooperation platform and initially identified the economic and trade cooperation sectors in the future. 


Wang Linda made a speech on behalf of the overseas Chinese entrepreneurs and pointed out that this visit to Serbia was the first large international exchange activity for the overseas Chinese entrepreneurs in the hope that more and more projects will be earnestly implemented under the guidance of the national “One Belt and One Road” strategy to bring Sino-Serbia overseas entrepreneurs’ economic and trade cooperation up to a new height. At the same time, she also emphasized that the overseas Chinese entrepreneurs would call on more and more overseas Chinese entrepreneurs to shoulder the heady responsibility to serve as “the pacesetters” in earnestly implementing “One Belt and one Road” strategy and serve as the economic and trade culture exchange messengers to attract all forces and resources to put into practical operation China’s “One Belt and one Road” strategy to jointly form the destiny community for mutual business cooperation, joint building and mutual sharing.


During the summit,Serbia representative pointed out that the Serbia economic condition was slightly better in recent years and the national economy showed a steadily rising trend, but the unemployment rate remained much higher. Either the Serbia government or the citizens are eagerly expecting that foreign investors would increase their investment to reduce the local unemployment and improve people's living standards and happiness index. The local agriculture occupies a vital position in Serbia economy. It has the fertile land with abundant rainfall, all of which creates the favorable conditions for the agricultural production, so it is hoped that the agricultural cooperation or farm produce trade can create the further cooperation space for the overseas Chinese. Moreover, nearly 5000 Serbia companies are being privatized, which can attract foreign investors for cooperation in more fields with more space to jointly create the economic win-win cooperation.


Through this summit, Serbia government, overseas Chinese entrepreneurs and Serbia entrepreneurs, etc., are looking forward to the opportunity for mutual benefit cooperation in all fields so as to jointly build the interconnected new platform and expand the new space for industrial cooperation and build the new framework for investment and financing and increase the humanistic and cultural exchange new fields to explore for the new models and new ideas for the international cooperation and development of the overseas Chinese entrepreneurs. The other activities were also convened on the sideline of the summit, particularly “Sino-Serbia Enterprise Connection Meeting and Sino-Serbia Economic and Trade Forum & Uzice Seminar”, etc. 

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