Students of “US President Award” came to China, exchanging with Yihai students in China

On July 11, 2015, the Sino-US civil culture exchange activity welcome ceremony was jointly convened by National Committee on United States-China Relations, China Education Association for International Exchange and Yihai Group for the excellent senior high school graduates winning “US President Award” and students from Yihai Branch Campus of Beijing No. Middle School at Yihai Garden.

At the welcome ceremony, Ms. Wang Linda, president of Beijing Yihai Public Welfare Foundation, delivered a speech, expressing her gratitude to National Committee on United States-China Relations, China Education Association for International Exchange for having assigning this project to Yihai Group. The Sino-US friendly relations are deeply rooted in the general public. The non-government exchange can directly promote the cultural exchange between both countries. Ms. Wang, as the deputy chairman of Education Committee of National Committee on United States-China Relations, has always abided by performing the duties of a non-government foreign ambassador and promoted the culture understanding and friendship building among teachers and students of both countries through this project.

Headmaster Liang Pingjie of Yihai Education Group remarked, Yihai Branch Campus of Beijing No. 8 Middle School complied with the reception requirements, so the students of Yihai and the host families created the excellent exchange conditions in the reception activities last year and this year.

     After the close of the welcome ceremony, the US students would stay at the Chinese students’ homes in Yihai Community in the 1-to-1 model for the zero distance experience of the Chinese life. During the coming 6-day itinerary, Yihai Group and Yihai Public Welfare Foundation arranged the US students for learning the Chinese calligraphy and folk dance lessons, and also organized them to tour famous scenic spots, including Tiananmen Square, Imperial Palace, Great Wall, 798 Art Street, etc. Apart from that, Yihai Foundation also took the US students to Beichuan, Mianyang City, Sichuan Province to conduct the culture exchange with the students of Beichuan Middle School and also visit Beichuan earthquake site and Qiang nationality museum for the deeper understanding of the rebuilding history after the Chinese disaster.

It is learned that “US President Award” Student Program is the US government’s initiative to commend and encourage the excellent senior high school graduates with outstanding performances in academic progress, art, leadership and community service, etc., which was set up in 1964 according to the executive order of the president of the United States. Each year there will be only one boy and one girl from each state who can be entitled this honor, which represents the highest honor for the US senior high school graduates. This visit to China is the second time that Yihai Group organizes the students winning “US President Award” for their visit to China. In view of the Sino-US non-government culture exchange, Yihai Group has organized the Sino-US teachers’ exchange programs on many occasions, particularly organizing the students from Business School of New York University to conduct their internship in Yihai Group in July 2015. Beijing Yihai Public Welfare Foundations set up by Yihai Group also plays a positive role in promoting the domestic and overseas education exchange cooperation and also supporting the underdeveloped and poverty-stricken regions to develop the education undertakings, having financially supported “Aided Teaching In Beijing Middle School”, “Red-Candle” Training Program for teachers, “Yihai Shuren Classes” public welfare program and “overseas Chinese headmaster Training Classes” program, etc

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