A grand opening ceremony held by Yihai Education Group

On the morning of September 7, 2015

All teachers and students, representatives of parents of students from the Yihai Branch Campus of Beijing No. 8 High School, the International Department of Beijing No. 8 High School, the Yihai Branch Campus of Beijing No. 2 Experimental Primary School and the Fengtai Yihai Kindergarten in Beijing and employees of Yihai Group attended the opening ceremony, also including the relevant leaders from Private Education Division of Fengtai District Education Committee, Yihai Garden Community Neighborhood Committee, Guangxi Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Yihai Group, General Party Branch of Yihai Education Group, Yihai Education College, Yihai Elderly College, Beijing Yihai New Century Training School and Yihai Education Group.

“Raising the national flag, playing and singing the national anthem”, and the opening ceremony kicked off against the songs of the national anthem. MS. Wang Linda, president of Yihai Group and board chairman of Yihai Education Group made a speech at the opening ceremony for the new semester. She said, at the first opening ceremony when Yihai Education Group was initially founded, there were only 4 students but today we have more than 4000 students. Through the development for 18 years, we cannot go without the concern and assistance from the leaders of the government and education committees at all levels. Yihai Education has always abided by the principle of “creating the first-class schools, conducting the first-class education and building the time-honored brand” by identifying the cultivation of the elites as the education goal, running the schools to the satisfaction of the people. Moreover, she gave all students the patriotic education by combining the activity with the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the world's anti-fascism war, warning students to cherish today’s hard-won happy life to work hard at lessons to show great gratitude to the motherland and reciprocate the society. After that, she distributed the piggy banks to the classes of the fresh students and also gave sincere words and earnest wishes to all students, asking them to remember “two wings”: the wing to conduct yourselves” and “the wing to do things”. She continued, as along as the two wings can be kept in balance, the students can fly higher and farther.

Next, Mr. Doug George, the foreign vice headmaster of the International Department of Beijing No. 8 High School, Wang Zunhao, a representative of new students in Grade 1, and Lu Kun, a representative of the middle school students, successively made their speeches at the stage. The opening ceremony came to a close when all teachers and students sang in chorus “Ode to the Motherland”. According to the introduction, this opening ceremony was jointly held for the first time by the middle and primary schools and kindergarten and International Department of Yihai Community which would continue to improve the education models to inject the new vitality and new thinking to all work of all campuses in the new semester.

Yihai Education Group was founded in December 1997 to create a group of excellent schools ranging from the preschool education, primary education, junior education and senior education to the international education. The group also actively participated in the aided construction and aided teaching at Beichuan Middle School and Jishou Primary School and also engaged in the social charitable undertakings, particularly investing in setting up the “Yihai Shuren Classes” for needy high school students excellent in character and learning in the Mingda Middle School in Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, and the No. 1 Middle School in Jingtai, Gansu Province, No. 1 Middle School in Xichang City, Sichuan Province, Shashi City Middle School in Hubei Province. The group has won such awards and honorary titles as ”China education contribution award”, “Top 10 stars of social welfare across the country”, “Group with the strongest Comprehensive Strength” and “China top 20 brand education group”, etc. 

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