Teacher and student representatives from Beijing Campuses of Yihai Education Group celebrate Teachers’ Day together with “Mama Wang”

On September 8, 2015, teachers and students from Yihai Campus of Beijing No. 8 High School, Yihai International Department, Beijing No. 2 Experimental Primary School, Yihai Kindergarten in Beijing, etc., brought fresh flowers and best wishes to visit Mama Wang in advance while learning Mama Wang, board chairman of Yihai Education Group was about to visit them during the Teachers’ Day, expressing their highest respect to Mama Wang and wished a happy teachers’ day!

Refreshed by the cool breeze of autumn, the students gave their most memorable thanksgiving wishes to Mama Wang with great gratitude and appreciation to express their love to Mama Wang in the most simplistic language. The representative of teachers and students from Yihai International Department said, “Mama Wang treats us just like these flowers and grasses with sunshine and rain and dew and considerate care, which nurtures us for the happy growth against all difficulties. We are grateful to Mama Wang for having provided us with the beautiful campus and the better learning environment, particularly for her industrious efforts and contribution”. The representative of the middle school students thanked Mama Wang for having helped them in understanding the gratitude. We will keep in mind the words uttered by Mama Wang at the opening ceremony yesterday to do things with great enthusiasm for bold innovation and creation in the unswerving spirit”. The representative of the primary school students was greatly thankful to Mama Wang for having given them two wings, having taught them how to conduct themselves in a decent way. They were grateful to Mama Wang for her summary of her half-life experience in “Love, passion, Industriousness, Innovation and Adherence” so that we could learn how to interpret the principle “As long as you keep it going, whatever you are doing will be a success” with the story of learning how to play the piano; the teachers’ representative expressed their thankful appreciation to Mama Wang, saying, “the great achievements of Yihai Education Group are hard-won, which is worthy of being cherished for continuous innovation and adherence against difficulties and for better development.” They also thanked Board Chairman Wang for investing on education wholeheartedly and for having put up the education platform for teachers to better educating more and more children; they thanked Board Chairman Wang for her full enthusiasm for education and for having led us for continuous innovation with strong adherence against hardships for breakthroughs one after another. They also thanked Board Chairman Wang for directing them towards the correct effort orientation so that the teachers could achieve their life values on the Yihai Stage. At last, students in Junior Grade I of Yihai Campus of Beijing No. 8 High School sang in chorus the song entitled “Rhododendron (Yingshanhong)”, which pushed the activities into the climax.

Afterwards, Ms. Wang Linda delivered an important speech, simply touching on the development history of Yihai to help the teachers and students bearing in mind the spiritual culture of Yihai and being grateful to Yihai for its entrepreneurship against all hardships. Today’s achievements and better performances shall be contributed to the long-time persistent efforts made by the people of Yihai, so we shall be grateful to the people who have made the greater contributions to Yihai and the predecessors for having paved the way for the coming generations. Ms. Wang Linda patientialy taught everyone to learn how to use “two wings” and also learn how to conduct themselves and do things in a decent manner. If we can only conduct ourselves instead of doing things correctly, we cannot have the sustainable development. However, if we can only do things instead of conducting ourselves decently, we can go astray to the wrong direction without the satisfactory result. Only when we do things and conduct ourselves decently can we fly higher and farther.

Ms. Wang Linda taught us learn how to “win” with the story of wining the opportunity for a speech by attending the international conferences, so only when you try hard to win opportunity to distinguish yourself and temper yourself can you have the chance to improve yourself. If you don’t try to win the opportunity, you will be forgotten by the time. Wang Linda remarked, “It is my great pleasure that I can help others. I do pity on those people who lack the ability to help others”, which teaches us to be industrious in learning and be ready to help others and respect the elderly and teachers to develop ourselves into the talents with greater contributions made to the society. At last, Wang Linda gave us the detailed interpretation of “Love, passion, Industriousness, Innovation and Adherence”.

After hearing the remarks given by Ms. Wang, everyone expressed that they must comply with the teachings given by Mama Wang and try to be grateful and strive for academic progress with determination to win glory for our motherland, for our Chinese nation and Yihai. At the same time, she called on us to keep in mind the history and Yihai spiritual culture and never forget today’s happy life given by the older generation of revolutionaries at the cost of their own life, so we should cherish today’s happiness and cherish the excellent study environment provided by Yihai to conduct ourselves decently and seek better academic progress to develop ourselves into the talents useful to the society. 

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