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Yihai Properties Group

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Yihai Group, founded in 1989, has a total assets of more than 20 billion yuan,

 the total construction area more than 8 million square meters as well as 10,000 staff. 

Yihai Group has developed Beijing Yihai Garden,

 Hunan Changsha Yihai Star City, Shanghai Jinying Plaza, Shandong Linyi Yihai International New City, Guangzhou World Trade Center, Shenzhen Taiwan Garden, 

Beijing Yijin Garden, Beijing Jiuxian Condominium, etc. 

Beijing Yihai Gar...

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Hunan Changsha Yi...

“Yihai Star City” is jointly invested and developed by Yihai Real Property Group and Hunan Yihai Sanxiang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. This project covers a total land area approximately 1043 mu with the total construction area approximately 2.28 million m2. ?The community has a junior-senio...

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Serving Linyi fro...

Yihai Group has invested ne...

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Beijing Yijin Gar...

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Jiu Xian Condominium

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World Trade Cente...

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