An Overview of Beijing Yihai Foundation

Beijing Yihai Foundation was established in Oct. 2012. It was initiated by Yihai Group’s Board Chairwoman Linda Wong, approved by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs. The Fund’s registered capital RMB 2 million Yuan came from the donations made by Wang Linda’s businesses. Its registration and administration are in the charge of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs. 

The foundation seeks to contribute to public welfare, social progress and building a harmonious society.What we do: post disaster resilience and reconstruction, help people struggling with poverty, senior citizens, orphans, the handicapped and the severely illness; support education in less developed and poverty-stricken regions to ensure children and teenagers enjoy equal opportunities of education and learning; reward those who have made outstanding contributions to the development of education and other public benefit undertakings in less developed and poverty-stricken regions; promote foreign teacher communications and cross border cooperation; support public benefit activities that are conducive to community construction and development.

Ice Rain Disaster Donation
Ice Rain Disaster Donation
On Jan. 28, 2008, Yangtze River Basin suffered a sustained heavy blizzard, which hit 14 provinces at the same time. On Feb. 21 and 26, 2008, Yihai Group respectively went to afflicted areas in Hunan and Hubei and donated relief materials worth RMB 17.22 million Yuan and RMB 10.14 million Yuan. Added with the VAT of RMB 3.55 million Yuan on the donations paid to the state, the total amount was RMB 31.13 million Yuan, which was the largest donation the afflicted areas received at the time.
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  • Reconstruction Volunteer
    Two years of aided construction and 6 years of aided teaching activities
    Assistance in the Reconstruction
    Yihai Group organized 12 seminars on planningand donated over RMB 20 million Yuan in total.
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    Support for Education
    During the 6 years from Aug. 2009 to July 2015, Xicheng District Commission of Education and Yihai Group sent 73 people from 40 colleges in 6 batches to support the teaching in Beichuan High School.
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    Charitable Deeds
    Charitable Deeds of Yihai
    Charitable Deeds of Yihai
    Since it donated RMB 10 million Yuan to Yihai Branch of Beijing No. 8 High School to set up “Yihai Scholarship” in 2001, Yihai Group has actively thrown itself to public benefit philanthropy such as education, public health, social culture construction, etc. In 2008, when Hunan suffered the snow disaster, it donated materials worth more than RMB 20 million Yuan, and raised donations of RMB 960,000 Yuan by selling mandarin oranges; after the Wenchuan earthquake, it contributed RMB 17 million Yuan to support the reconstruction of Beichuan High School; after the Haiti earthquake, Yushu earthquake, Ya’an earthquake and Yingjiang earthquake in Yunnan, it donated more than RMB 3 million Yuan in total to the earthquake-stricken areas, etc. So far, Yihai Group has donated public benefit and charitable donations of more than RMB 500 million Yuan.
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