Red Candle Class

The “Red Candle” Program is a public benefit program that finances middle school and primary school teachers to take professional training and improve their professional skills.

The “Red Candle Class” in 2013 was undertaken by Britain’s international school Language Link London. They trained English teachers from schools in Beijing, Changsha of Hunan, Mianyang of Sichuan and Yancheng of Jiangsu, and taught them English teaching approaches. In their spare time, the teachers visited Yihai, learnt the hardships Yihai went through in the startup period, felt the connotation of Yihai as a harmonious and responsible real estate developer. They also visited places of interest in Beijing, felt the style of Beijing. In the afternoon on July 19, the “Red Candle” English Teacher Training Class had a closing ceremony! Foreign teacher Joanna introduced the training courses. Representatives of the teachers took the training shared their gains and expressed their gratitude to those who financed this public benefit program! 

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