Group Profile

Yihai Group, founded in 1989, has the total assets more than 20 billion yuan,More than 8 million square meters of total construction area as well as 10,000 staff. The group has engaged in the industries of real estate development, education management, financial investment, property services, business operation, health services etc. 

Yihai Group has developed Beijing Yihai Garden, Hunan Changsha Yihai Star City, Shanghai Jinying Plaza, Shandong Linyi Yihai International New City, Guangzhou World Trade Center, Shenzhen Taiwan Garden, Beijing Yijin Garden, Beijing Jiuxian Condominium, etc. At the same time, with the sublime education philosophy “operating top-ranking schools, providing top-ranking education, creating one-hundred-year brand”, Yihai Group has founded 12 educational institutions, including kindergartens, middle schools, international schools, training schools and community college for the aged. Yihai Group founded Beijing Yihai Foundation for Charity by donating RMB 5 million in 2012. 

  • Persistence,Keep Blue Sea Dream

    Yihai Group, as the earliest famous brand enterprise entering into the Chinese real estate field, has developed such projects as Beijing Yihai Garden, Hunan Changsha Yihai Star City, Shanghai Jinying Plaza, Shandong Linyi Yihai International New City, Guangzhou World Trade Center, Shenzhen Taiwan Garden, Beijing Yijin Garden, Beijing Jiuxian Condominium, etc.
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  • Academic Pursuit

    Yihai Education Group has invested and founded 12 educational institutions, including kindergartens, primary schools, middle schools, international schools, training schools and community college for the aged with the sublime education philosophy “operating top-ranking schools, providing top-ranking education, creating one-hundred-year brand”.
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  • High Morality

    Yihai Real Property Management Group covers the total property service management area up to 6.8 million m2, mainly involving such high-end properties as service-oriented and oversize residential quarters, star-level office buildings, apartment buildings for aliens, schools and high-grade business buildings for diversified business model operation with the projects widely spread in Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hunan and Shandong, etc.
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  • Integrity

    While conducting the excellent capital operation and management in Financial field, Yihai Group has formed the complete industrial chain and differential business cooperation models in the community supporting development to provide the solutions to the zero-distance comprehensive residential quarters including the daily life shopping, children consumption, health care and fashion and commercial streets, etc.
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Philanthropy,strong will for charitable activities

Yihai Group has been actively devoted to the public welfare activities, particularly education, public health, social culture construction, etc., since it donated 10 million yuan to Beijing City No.8 Middle School Yihai Branch on establishing "Yihai Scholarship". in 2008 when Hunan suffered from the ice rain disaster, the group donated materials worth 20-odd million yuan, conducted the charity sale of Ponkan with the donated cash amount up to 0.96 million yuan; When Wenchuan Earthquake occurred, the group injected 17 million yuan to conduct the aid construction of Beichuan Middle School; In the process of Haiti earthquake, Yushu Earthquake, Ya'an Earthquake and Yunan Yingjiang Earthquake, the group donated 3-odd million yuan to the disaster-stricken areas. Thus far, the group has donated the amount more than RMB 500 million yuan. “Beijing Yihai Fund for Charity” was formally established in 2012, and has so far donated several million yuan to China Overseas Chinese Charity Foundation, American Leadership Foundation, Beijing Municipal Public Security Police Financial Aid Foundation and continuously given financial support and made positive contributions to the education of Beichuan Middle School, the study exchange of the Sino-US teachers and students; the group has also financially supported the construction of Beichuan Middle School, Jishou Gancheng Overseas Chinese Yihai Primary School in Hunan; it has created “Shuren Classes”, and continuously sponsored the poverty-stricken students in Jingtai in Gansu, Yancheng in Jiangsu, Shashi City in Hubei, Xichang in Sichuan, etc.; it has also organized the middle school and primary school teachers from poverty-stricken areas, ethnic minority areas and frontier areas for training and also published and sold for charity the book entitled “Love in Beichuan”……
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Honors and Awards

The group forges ahead with honors and awards since its establishment and we are on the run all along

With the elapse of two decades, Yihai Group has won numerous honors and awards, having been rated as one of Top 10 powerful leading real estate developers in China with the strength in real estate development since China’s opening-up and reform drive, one of Top 10 education groups affecting the Chinese education, one of Top 20 Chinese education groups, advanced earthquake rescue advanced unit. Also, Yihai Group has also created various forward-looking “No.1s”: the first enterprise to introduce the Real estate mortgage law into mainland China; the first private enterprise to run the private school in Beijing; the first special large-scale enterprise to provide the central heating in Changsha District; and the first enterprise to run the community university.
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