Sino-Serbia Economic and Trade Forum & Uzice Seminar kicked off smoothly

On June 12 Serbia local time, Sino-Serbia Economic and Trade Forum & Uzice Seminar kicked off smoothly in Uzice, Serbia. Minister of Serbia Ministry of Justice and Mayor of Uzice City, China Overseas Chinese Delegation and the local enterprise representatives in Uzice attended the seminar.

At this conference, China Overseas Chinese Delegation with Ms. Wang Linda, deputy chairman of COCEA and president of Yihai Group, as the head of the delegation, conducted the exchange activities with the local famous entrepreneurs under the organization of Minister of Serbia Ministry of Justice and Mayor of Uzice City, and also visited and inspected Uzice Airport and local agriculture and tourism resources. Mayor of Uzice City made the detailed introduction of the local investment environment and expressed the strong desire that the Chinese investors can bring the benefits to the Uzice people.

Wang Linda remarked, this is the second time she has visited Uzice the city-to-city communication will be more frequent under the current environment of the great openness, bigger exclusiveness and faster development. Particularly, the current China is experiencing the deeper reform and opening-up period. Serbia is now in the privatization process and both countries do have many things in common, which creates the favorable conditions for the overseas entrepreneurs to form the consortium. China’s “One Belt and One Road” strategy is encouraging the overseas Chinese entrepreneurs to span over the distance between countries, seize the opportunities to actively promote the economic and trade and cultural exchange=, business and investment among cities between Serbia and China. This delegation engaged in activities in diversified fields, including the capital construction, finance, agriculture, logistics, real estate, oil, tourism and many other relevant fields. The delegation will follow the joint spanning development path by introducing more and more overseas Chinese entrepreneurs into Serbia to achieve the supplementary advantages, industrial connection and common development in Serbia and Uzice.

It is learned that Sino-Serbia Economic and Trade Forum & Uzice Seminar is the last visiting activity for the overseas Chinese in Serbia, who showed the stronger enthusiasm and expressed that this would be the starting point. Efforts will be made to facilitate the exchange between enterprises and Serbia to understand more policies so that their own enterprises can take the training of “One Belt and One Road” strategy and seek the development direction and projects for the mutual win-win cooperation in Servia.  

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