Today Xi Jinping starts his US visit and Ms. Wang Linda, board chairman of Yihai Group invited to visit Seattle

In September 2015, Ms. Wang Linda, board chairman of Yihai Group was kindly invited by National Committee on United States-China Relations to attend series of activities during President Xi Jinping’s visit in Seattle, the US.

According to the media report, Xi Jinping’s visit will be a tour facing the US people and he still stay for about 48 hours in Seattle which is the city in the US with the longest stay during his US tour. He selects his first leg in Seattle to start his US tour in face of the general public at all levels in the US. President Xi needs to give the full interpretation of the positive positions about Sino-US relations and policies, so both sides hope to announce a series of effective measures, which is the favorable news to people in all walks of life, particularly the students and tourists of both countries and injects the new driving force to the economic and trade, regional and civil communication and connection between China and the US.

According to the report of “New York Times”, President Xi will arrive at Seattle on the morning of September 22 local time. On the very night, he will give a policy speech to many VIPs at the dinner party held by National Committee on United States-China Relations and US-China Business Council.

Ms. Wang Linda, as the deputy chairman of National Committee on US - China Relations Education Advisory Committee, will attend the dinner party. In recent years, Ms. Wang has led Yihai Group to devote itself to the Sino-US education and culture civil exchanges and has successively organized two sessions of Sino-US teachers’ exchanges to have promoted 20 Chines teachers to serve as teachers in the US for one year and 9 US teachers for teaching activities in China. Also, she has assisted National Committee on United States-China Relations in organizing “US President Award” Excellent Senior High School graduates to conduct the civil cultural exchange activities in China for two consecutive years.


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